A coffee cup and several devices displaying the Met Office app - phone, laptop and tablet.

Targeting opportunities

Thermal activated

Your campaign will deliver according to temperature

Pollen activated

During March to September, activate your campaign according to the pollen forecast levels of low, moderate, high and very high pollen.


Trigger your campaign where specific weather types are present in the weather forecast for example wind, rain and sunshine.

Severe Weather Warnings

Target your campaign to deliver when a severe weather warning is in place. We use a 3 tier warning system, yellow, amber and red warnings are used to alert you to where and when to take care.


Choose which platform your inventory should appear, this can be across the Met Office website (desktop and mobile) and/or App.


Using Audience 360 and Quantcast data analytics, we can assess the likelihood of a specific audience type using the Met Office sites and target your campaign specifically to them.


Using the unique location page identifier, target your inventory to appear specifically to an audience located there, or who are looking at the forecast for that region.

Content hub

There are specific areas of the Met Office website, you can choose to target your inventory to these areas such as Events, Marine, Holiday weather, Pollen, Mountain forecasts and National Parks.