Informatics lab

The way we work

  • We produce prototypes and experiments quickly.
  • We mix disciplines and share knowledge.
  • We produce open and visible code to help enable our own organisation and others to easily access and exploit our data.

Creating prototypes

  • To quickly test and try new technologies and by exploring ways to make our operational services more robust.
  • To help both internal Met Office systems and external collaborators to easily access our data.
  • By working outside of the main network we reduce the risk to the organisation and help to feedback learnings that can improve our operational services.
  • We can try things quickly and cheaply at a low risk.


From one day hacks, week long intense sprints and longer, larger projects, we've worked on lots of prototypes:

Whilst some prototypes may lead to new products for the Met Office, the learnings, decisions and skills developed can all be of huge operational benefit.

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