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Why upgrade to Premium?

The basic/free services meet the minimum regulatory standards. Value-added products are available as part of a subscription service. We have put together an exciting bundle of additional weather content that we have found GA pilots are interested in and find most useful.

Our entire range of forecasts and actuals for private pilots has now been upgraded, giving you tablet and mobile friendly access to the most comprehensive UK aviation weather source available for pilots. The easy to use platform with a range of new features includes access to the most up-to-the-minute information and NEW aerodrome warnings - available freely for pilots for the first time.

Our new services are running on a new platform, so you will need to create a new account.

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GA  services:

Basic (Free) Version Premium version
Synoptic (surface pressure) charts - 00UTC model run, out to T+84 x x
Synoptic (surface pressure) charts - 12UTC model run, out to T+120   x
Low Level Briefing Charts - Forms F215, F214, F414, F415 x x
High level significant weather charts (WAFC)   x
Flight level wind and temperature charts   x
UK and near Europe TAF and METAR bulletins x x
Nearby/Recent Location Searches x x
UK Ballooning Forecasts x x
"Near Europe" SIGMETs   x
Volcanic Ash Advisories (London/Toulouse VAAC) x x
UK Regional Pressure Settings x x
Weather Map Viewer x x
UK observed weather map layers - visible and infrared satellite imagery and lightning, thunderstorms (day and night) x x
UK high resolution rainfall radar      
(every 15 mins)
UK high resolution rainfall radar   
(every 5 mins)
"Near Europe" rainfall radar   x
Europe area satellite imagery   x
UK High resolution forecast map layers - Precipitation Rate x x
Forecast map layers - Wind (arrows and fletches), Wind and Temperature, Temperature for range of flight levels x x
UK High resolution forecast map layers - Precipitation type, Visibility, Total cloud, Cloud layers, Fog   x
Europe forecast map layers - Precipitation rate, Precipitation type, Visibility and Total cloud   x
Aerodrome Warnings email alerts x x

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