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UKCP09: Gridded data sets of annual values

Each zipped data block is selected by clicking on the table below. The individual grids are named according to the following convention:


where yyyy is the year and 'Actual' indicates a grid of actual values (rather than, say, anomalies).

Please note that since the last update of these files, the method used to calculate the annual variables has changed. Previously, each annual variable was calculated for individual stations (from daily station temperature/rainfall values), and then the station values were interpolated onto a 5 km grid. This can be summarised as a ‘calculate then grid’ approach.

The new method is to start with the daily temperature/rainfall grids (themselves calculated from daily station temperature/rainfall values) and calculate the annual variables for each grid point from the series of daily values for that same grid point. This can be summarised as a ‘grid then calculate’ approach. 

For consistency, the new method has been used to recalculate the entire series of grids, as well as to produce the most recent years. The old method grids are still available (on request through our customer centre) but will no longer be kept up to date. This means that the most recent years’ grids are only available from the new method.
We have taken this approach for a number of reasons. Firstly, it ensures consistency between our daily and annual grids. Secondly, it allows fair comparison between the variables we provide and new variables which users may create from our daily grids.  For example, a user might create an alternative definition of growing season length, and calculate this from our daily grids.  Using the old method, it would be unclear whether differences (between the user definition and our own) were a robust sign of different data characteristics, or merely a result of different interpolation methods. 

Climate variable Last modified Download
Heating degree days 28 June 2013 HeatingDegreeDays_196-2011 (ZIP, 1.60 MB)
Cooling degree days 28 June 2013 CoolingDegreeDays_1960-2011 (ZIP, 831 KB)
Growing degree days 28 June 2013 GrowingDegreeDays_1960-2011 (ZIP, 1.57 MB)
Extreme temperature range 28 June 2013 ExtremeTempRange_1960-2011 (ZIP, 789 KB)
Growing season length (days) 28 June 2013 GrowingSeasonLength_1960-2011 (ZIP, 464 KB)
Summer (May-Oct) heatwave duration (days) 28 June 2013 SummerHeatWave_1960-2011 (ZIP, 314 KB)
Winter (Nov-Apr) heatwave duration (days) 28 June 2013 WinterHeatWave_1961-2011 (ZIP, 337 KB)
Summer (May-Oct) coldwave duration (days) 28 June 2013 SummerColdWave_1960-2011 (ZIP, 205 KB)
Winter (Nov-Apr) coldwave duration (days) 28 June 2013 WinterColdWave_1961-2011 (ZIP, 308 KB)
Maximum number of consecutive dry days 28 June 2013 ConsecutiveDryDays_1961-2011 (ZIP, 1.14 MB)
Greatest 5-day precipitation total (mm) 28 June 2013 Rainfall5Day_1961-2011 (ZIP, 1.48 MB)
Rainfall intensity on days of rain ≥1 mm (mm/day) 28 June 2013 RainfallIntensity_1961-2011 (ZIP, 1.06 MB)


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