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UKCP09: Time series of annual values

Each zipped file is selected by clicking on the table below. The zipped files contain time series of values for the chosen climate variable. The data files are named according to the following convention:


where yyyy and yyyy indicate the start and end of the period.

Climate variable Last updated Download
Heating degree days 28 June 2013 HeatingDegreeDays_1961-2011 (ZIP, 1.23 MB)
Cooling degree days 28 June 2013 CoolingDegreeDays_1961-2011 (ZIP, 647 KB)
Growing degree days 28 June 2013 GrowingDegreeDays_1961-2011 (ZIP, 1.19 MB)
Extreme temperature range 28 June 2013 ExtremeTempRange_1961-2011 (ZIP, 648 KB)
Growing season length (days) 28 June 2013 GrowingSeasonLength_1961-2011 (ZIP, 312 KB)
Summer (May-Oct) heatwave duration (days) 28 June 2013 SummerHeatWave_1961-2011 (ZIP, 220 KB)
Winter (Nov-Apr) heatwave duration (days) 28 June 2013 WinterHeatWave_1961-2011 (ZIP, 253 KB)
Summer (May-Oct) coldwave duration (days) 28 June 2013 SummerColdWave_1961-2011 (ZIP, 114 KB)
Winter (Nov-Apr) coldwave duration (days) 28 June 2013 WinterColdWave_1961-2011 (ZIP, 219 KB)
Maximum number of consecutive dry days 28 June 2013 ConsecutiveDryDays_1961-2011 (ZIP, 290 KB)
Greatest 5-day precipitation amount (mm) 28 June 2013 Rainfall5Day_1961-2011 (ZIP, 1.13  MB)
Rainfall intensity on days of rain ≥1 mm (mm/day) 28 June 2013 RainfallIntensity_1961-2011 (ZIP, 785 KB)


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