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UKCP09: Format of regional values text files

Each text file contains values of the 1961-1990 baseline average for 14 administrative regions and 23 river basins. For monthly variables there are 12 columns of data, one for each month. Files for annual variables will only contain one column of data, i.e. the annual average.

Please use the following links to see maps of the administrative regions and the river basins.

The format of a regional values text file for a monthly variable is shown in the following example.

ADMINISTRATIVE REGION          Jan    Feb    Mar    Apr    May    Jun    Jul    Aug    Sep    Oct    Nov    Dec
East Midlands                 5.83   6.09   8.86  11.51  15.29  18.50  20.38  20.19  17.67  13.82   8.94   6.68
East of England               6.15   6.52   9.32  12.00  15.89   ....    etc
East Scotland                 ....   ....   ....
London                        ....
North East England            etc
North Scotland                
North West England            
Northern Ireland              
South East England            
South West England            
West Midlands                 
West Scotland                 
Yorkshire & The Humber        

RIVER BASIN                    Jan    Feb    Mar    Apr    May    Jun    Jul    Aug    Sep    Oct    Nov    Dec
Anglian                       6.08   6.44   9.25  11.90  15.75  18.99  20.95  20.93  18.41  14.48   9.41   6.99
Argyll                        5.22   5.21   6.64   9.33  12.52   ....    etc
Clyde                         ....   ....   ....
Dee                           ....
Forth                         etc
Neagh Bann                    
North East Scotland           
North Eastern Ireland         
North Highland                
North West England            
North Western Ireland         
Orkney and Shetland           
South East England            
South West England            
West Highland                 
Western Wales

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