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Archive services

Search room at Great Moor House

The archive offers a range of services to help you get the most from the wealth of meteorological information we hold.

The archive will:

  • answer your enquiries of a more historical nature;

  • offer an online catalogue  for you to search at home or in the library;

  • retrieve relevant material for you to consult in the search room;

  • allow you to photograph documents using your own digital camera;

  • allow you to collect data from our documents directly onto your laptop computer;

  • scan or photograph documents, which can be emailed or posted to you, please refer to Library and archive charges and copyright information for more details;

  • preserve and conserve meteorological records on behalf of the nation.

We ask that:

  • you let us know in advance if you plan to visit the archive, and bring ID and proof of address;

  • you only use pencil for any note-taking when working with archive material;

  • you take great care when consulting any documents to help us preserve them for future use (e.g. refrain from leaning on the material, piling documents on top of each other or folding/creasing items);

  • you do not take food and drink near the archive material;

  • you switch off your mobile phones so that other visitors are not disturbed.

Our enquiry service

  • We aim to respond to non-commercial customer enquiries enquiries within 5 working days and will spend up to 30 minutes dealing with your request.

  • If your enquiry requires more time and research then you are welcome to make an appointment to come and use our resources in person.

  • All information originating from the Met Office is subject to Crown Copyright.

  • Data is provided according to Open Government Licence.

  • Data provided by the National Meteorological Library must not be used in any legal dispute or insurance claim. Data for this purpose can be obtained by contacting the Contact us.

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