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Weather and climate guides

Weather and climate guides

You can find out more about our weather, forecasting and climate by reviewing the following related resources.

1.  Weather forecasting 


Weather Forecasting
Helping you to understand the facts.

2.  UK climate and weather statistics


The Met Office holds the nation's weather and climate records.
Our UK climate and weather statistics will give you summaries, climate    figures and much more.

3. Climate change

Greenland and Antarctic ice-sheets have started to shrink

The Met Office climate scientists have produced a number of brochures to help you understand more about Climate change publications and what
this means for you.

4. Cloud Types for Observers

Crepuscular rays diverging from the sun behind a patch of cumulus

The following guide illustrates and explains the classification of cloud types,
so that observers are able to report the types of cloud present.
Cloud Types for Observers


To view PDF documents you will need to download Adobe Reader

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