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Mostly Weather Episode 10 - The Mostly Weather Hall of Fame - Robert FitzRoy


From captaining HMS Beagle, to founding weather forecasting as we know it today, Robert FitzRoy led a remarkable yet ultimately tragic life.

In this the first in a new Mostly Weather mini-series, we induct FitzRoy into the Mostly Weather Hall of Fame. Regular podcasters Jeff Norwood-Brown and Claire Witham are joined by Met Office's archivist Catherine Ross to take a look at the life and achievements of the founder of the Met Office. 

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Below are images of some of the documents mentioned in this episode. You can view historical Daily Weather Reports online, including the very first forecast, in the Met Office Digital Library & Archive

Pencil sketch of Robert FitzRoy

Storm warning signals

First public weather forecast by Robert FitzRoy on 31st July 1861

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