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Mostly Weather Episode 2 - Clouds

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In this month's Mostly Weather, Met Office podcasters Niall Robinson, Claire Witham and Doug McNeal take on the considerable subject that is clouds - and talk about everything from awe inspiring convective clouds in Korea, to the infamous six legged pig.

A pig with six legs and other clouds

Starting from the basics - what is a cloud? How do they form? - the team then move on to learn about the difference between cloud and rain droplets, as well whether or not fog should be considered as a cloud. The jury is still out on that one.

They then have a look at some of the less well known ways in which clouds can be formed, such as pyrocumulus clouds formed by forest fires and different types of human formed clouds.

From there they move on to Luke Howard and his naming of clouds, and delve further into the etymology of some of the more well known Latin cloud names. They also welcome back Catherine Ross from Met Office archive, who talks us through some of the very first aerial photographs of clouds.

Additional show notes

As referenced in the show, here is a link to find more information on A Pig with Six Legs, edited by Gavin Pretor-Pinney.

A pig with six legs

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