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Mostly Weather Episode 21 - The Mostly Weather Hall of Fame – Joanne Simpson

In this edition of our Mostly Weather Hall of Fame series, we investigate another little known but hugely influential meteorologist.

In this edition of our Hall of Fame series, Claire Witham, Doug McNeal, Catherine Ross and Jeff Norwood-Brown discuss an unsung pioneer of meteorology, Joanne Simpson.

Joanne was

  • The first female to gain a Ph.D. in meteorology
  • Fundamental in developing the first mathematical cloud model
  • A leader in the study of airflow and clouds over heated islands
  • A scientific explorer in how the trade winds and cloud development are related
  • Foremost in the study of hurricanes, waterspouts and air/sea interaction
  • A pioneer in satellite rainfall measurement
  • The developer of the Hot Tower Hypothesis of heat and moisture transfer up through the atmosphere.

And all this without, apparently, being noticed.

Join us as we discuss her exploits and ponder how the recognition of women has changed for the better throughout science.

Further information – which is sadly limited - can be found here

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