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Mostly Weather Episode 7 - How a Weather Forecast Works - Generating the forecast

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In this month's episode the Mostly Weather team tackle the next step of the forecast process - generating the forecast

In this month's episode the Mostly Weather team tackle the second part of the forecast process - generating the forecast. Here comes the science bit, concentrate!

In Episode 6 we started a three part series, looking in detail at how we create the weather forecast millions of individuals and organisations across the world use every day. The first part of the series looked at how we take observations of weather - if you missed it then it is worth tracking back and giving it a listen before episode 7.

Episode 7 takes you on to the next part of the process, taking the observations of weather we learned about in the first part and seeing what we do with them to generate a weather forecast.

In the observations episode, regular podcasters Doug McNeall, Niall Robinson and Claire Witham are joined by deputy chief operational meteorologist Laura Gilchrist - who touch on the following and more:-

  • What is a weather model and how do they work
  • The importance of technology - from coding to supercomputer
  • How meteorologist interpret the data provided by the models
  • How data assimilation fills in the gaps
  • Another interesting delve into the Met Office archives
  • And once again, chaos theory rears its head.

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