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Mostly Weather Episode 8 - How a Weather Forecast Works - Communicating the forecast

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To finish off the three part series on how a weather forecast works, this episode of Mostly Weather looks at how we communicate the weather

Over the last three months we have been taking an in-depth look into the process behind creating a weather forecast. Starting from how we take observations of the weather, then on to the creation of the forecast itself and ending, in this episode, with an investigation into how we actually communicate the weather forecast after it is made.

Podcast regulars Doug McNeall, Niall Robinson and Jeff Norwood-Brown are joined in this episode by ex-BBC weather presenter, press officer and current operational meteorologist Helen Roberts, to discuss the many different ways that a weather forecast is communicated.

As they go on to discover, this part of the process is of extreme importance - as communicating a weather forecast to, for example, the public and the armed forces are two different and unique challenges that each need a specific approach.

As Niall eloquently puts it at the beginning of this episode - everything else in the process goes to waste if we don't get this part right!

Amongst other topics in this episode, the team touch upon:-

  • The big red telephone
  • How a shipping forecast works
  • The importance of weather warnings and how we calculate impacts of severe weather
  • Deterministic vs probabilistic forecasts
  • The sunshine and showers problem
  • Naming storms
  • Texas sharphooters
  • And much more...

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