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Meet the podcasters - Mostly Weather

Doug McNeallDoug McNeall

Doug studied physics and astronomy at the University of Southampton, before doing a masters degree in oceanography and a doctorate in climate modelling and statistics at the National Oceanography Centre. He joined the Met Office in 2008, and works on predicting the impacts of climate change.

Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family in Devon - climbing, walking and sea kayaking.

You can contact him on Twitter @dougmcneall, or check out his science or graphics blogs.

Niall RobinsonNiall Robinson

Niall's interested in using science and technology to get information out of data.

He's also done experiments to find out how the earth works whilst living in the rainforest, skimming the ocean in a plane, and with a supercomputer.

He thinks that science is easy, but big words make it sound difficult.

You can contact him no Twitter @niallhrobinson.

Claire WithamClaire Witham

Claire studied geophysical sciences at the University of East Anglia, before doing a masters degree in remote sensing and geographical information systems and a doctorate in volcanology at the University of Cambridge. She joined the Met Office in 2005 and now leads a team focusing on modelling the atmospheric dispersion of volcanic and chemical contaminants.

In her spare time, Claire plays and coaches the little known game of Korfball.

You can contact her on Twitter @claireswitham.

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