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Mostly Weather Episode 18 - Weather and Health

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In this month's podcast the team diagnose the relationship between weather and our well-being

The regular podcast team are joined by Rachel McInnes, a vegetation and climate expert, to explore the various ways that weather can impact our health.

Starting with how hot and cold temperatures affect our physical health, we explore how weather also impacts our mental health, before delving into the interesting world of pollen and looking at what causes hayfever.

Pollen can affect hayfever and asthma sufferers and Rachel's PollerGEN project is investigating why this is and what can be done to improve forecasts of high pollen days.  The map below shows the percentage cover of nettles per 1km x 1km grid square.  Maps like these are being used to study people's exposure to different types of pollen.


Image Crown Copyright, 2016, The Met Office. Based on digital spatial data licensed from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, copyright NERC (CEH).


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More information about the maps and how they are being used is available in the open access paper "Mapping allergenic pollen vegetation in UK to study environmental exposure and human health".

Hot weather and health:

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