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Mostly Weather Episode 16 - Fog beer, fog lights and a fog named Karl

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In this month's Mostly Weather podcast we wade through the dense topic that is fog

Podcast regulars Doug McNeall and Claire Witham are joined by one of the Met Office’s resident fog experts, Ian Boutle

As is tradition we start with the burning questions – what is fog? Is it really just a cloud? When does a cloud become fog? When is fog really just a cloud? What is the difference between fog and mist? We take a stab at all of them.

We then go on to look at:-

  • Smog – what is it? Where in the world is it still a problem?
  • A selection of the many varieties of fog - radiation, valley, advection, coastal and freezing fog.
  • Karl the fog
  • Famous fogs from around the world
  • How to brew beer from fog
  • The challenges of forecasting fog
  • What Ian has been doing spending nights in a damp field and how it is helping us understand more about fog
  • The impacts of fog on aviation and other forms of transport
  • Some important advice on how fog lights work
  • The foggiest place in the world
  • And much much more!

Below we have two images and an interesting video provided by Ian, showing fog orography and the difficulties faced by a pilot when landing through dense fog.


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