Pricing Schedule

With respect to pricing, its policy is to be fair and consistent such that it meets all legal and regulatory requirements whilst achieving the objective of its Framework Document to 'maximise the return to the taxpayer' from profitable commercial outlets for services.

Please see the Pricing policy for an explanation of our pricing policies along with high-level information on the applicable regulations, legislation and government guidelines which the Met Office takes into account when setting prices for its products. This ensures that the Met Office maintains a 'level playing field' between Met Office business activity and the private sector, both of which depend on data collected and processed by the Met Office.

As specified in the publication scheme, some services/products attract a charge. Please see below for more details.

Library and Archive

We are obliged to cover our costs when copying or printing information for research or private study, for exact charges please see the Library and archive charges and copyright information.

Chargeable Products and Services: customer specific data

In addition to the freely available data on our web site, the Met Office offers a large number of bespoke services which comprise of value added data.

For the purposes of the commercial operation at the Met Office, we define value added data as any data set, or sub-set, where value is added at a stage of production and at final sale.

Customer-specific requests are priced on an individual basis, dependent upon the nature of the service and the requirements of the customer, including format / analysis, frequency and delivery method.

Prices are set to reflect customer benefits relative to current market conditions, the competitors' services and how the market is expected to develop.

The pricing takes three elements into account the following elements:

  • the amount of data required
  • the time of extraction, analysis and formatting
  • an administration fee of £100

The cost of extraction represents the staff time cost for identifying and locating the correct data within our archives, and extracting it to a useable format such as a spreadsheet.

The administration fee includes, but is not limited to the administration time in handling the data request and the processing of the payment.

The prices of Met Office products and services may also be affected by the terms of the licence, in particular the Permitted Uses for the products and services (or Deliverables) granted by the Met Office to the customer.

The price will also take into account any non-standard delivery requirements requested.

For a quotation, please contact us.

Wholesale Data: EUMETNET

The prices for items from the EUMETNET catalogue are set independently by the EUMETNET Members.

The actual price paid by any customer comprises:

  • Information price, as quoted in the price list, plus
  • Delivery price, determined separately by each delivering NMS, and
  • Transmission price covering specific delivery costs attributable solely to that product

For more information on the EUMETNET pricing and calculations, please see the EUMETNET pricing page.

In some cases, discounts are offered on the data and products available through the EUMETNET catalogue. These discounts might be available when buying a large volume of data or products (volume discounts), or might apply for small businesses (small service providers discount).

The available discounts can be found here: