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Climate anomaly maps

These pages are a source of information for those interested in the climate of the UK. UK Climate pages are updated each month to reflect the latest month's weather across the UK.

Maps of UK temperature and rainfall anomalies from 1910 to present day

These collections of thumbnail maps provide a simple visualisation of variations and changes in UK climate over the last 100 years. Each map presents the difference of the observed temperature or rainfall for that month, season, or year from the long term average. Select individual thumbnails to show a larger image.

Monthly, seasonal, and annual maps are available for mean daily maximum temperature, mean daily minimum temp, mean daily temperature and rainfall for the period 1910 to present.

The maps can be used to quickly answer questions like "when was the last time we had a winter as cold as this in southern England?" or "How many times in the last century have we had a dry summer?" or "How does this year compare with 1912?"

The maps are based on 5km grid-point data sets, with the anomaly information expressed as a difference from the 30-year averaging period 1961-1990.

The data behind these images are available for research purposes from our UKCP09 gridded observation data sets page (registration required).

Maps of long term averages are available, as well as UK actual and anomaly maps from 2001 to date for a wider range of variables.