PRECIS projects and publications

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Southeast Asia climate analysis and modelling framework SEACAM: a collaborative regional climate modelling project for Southeast Asia. Met Office 2015.
Climate Modelling in Bangladesh A model for capacity building in developing countries. Met Office 2014.
Weather@home Weather@home:a group of regional climate modelling experiments within
Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions over the Earth

ACRE: A reanalysis project for historical observations led by the Met Office Hadley Centre.

Enhancing preparedness and responses in the Philippines DFID funded project in partnership with the Philippine Atmospheric Services Administration (PAGASA) to build capacity and improve resilience to changing typhoon risks and climate extremes in the Philippines.

Publications and reports

Year Author Title
2016 Cavalcantre Jr. et al. Development and water requirements of cowpea under climate change conditions in the Brazilian semi-arid region
2016 Manasa & Shivapur Implications of climate change on crop water requirements in Hukkeri Taluk of Belagavi District, Karnataka, India
2016 Constantinidou et al. Effects of climate change on the yield of winter wheat in the eastern Mediterranean and Middle East
2016 Kumar Bal et al. Climate Change Projections over India by a Downscaling Approach Using PRECIS
2016 Razavi et al. Regional climate change trends and uncertainty analysis using extreme indices: A case study of Hamilton, Canada
2016 Rwigi et al. Assessment of Potential Changes in Hydrologically Relevant Rainfall Statistics over the Sondu River Basin in Kenya Under a Changing Climate
2015 Wang High resolution regional climate downscaling and probabilistic projection for impact assessment - a Canadian case study
2015 Iman Babaeian Simulation of climate change in Iran during 2071-2100 using PRECIS regional climate modelling system
2015 Roshan P. de Silva Effect of Climate Change on Potential Groundwater Recharge in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka
2015 Marthews T.R.
The 2014 drought in the Horn of Africa: attribution of meteorological drivers
2015 Samanpreet Kaur Evaluation of statistical corrective methods to minimize bias at different time scales in a regional climate model driven data
2015 Santosh Nepal Impacts of climate change on the hydrological regime of the Koshi river basin in the Himalayan region
2015 Rachel James Process-based assessment of an ensemble of climate projections for West Africa
2014 N. Massey The latest definitive HadRM3P paper: Weather@home - development and validation of a very large ensemble modelling system for probabilistic event attribution
2014 Sihan Li Evaluation of a Regional Climate Modeling Effort for the Western United States Using a Superensemble from Weather@home
2014 Carlo Buontempo
An ensemble climate projection for Africa
2014 Prasanta Kumar Bal
Climate change projections for Tamil Nadu, India: deriving high-resolution climate data by a downscaling approach using PRECIS

Abel Centella-Artola

Assessing the effect of domain size over the Caribbean region using the PRECIS regional climate model
2014 Karina Williams
Regional climate model performance in the Lake Victoria basin
2014 Moussa S. Mounkaila Assessing the capability of CORDEX models in simulating onset of rainfall in West Africa
2014 Sara Nowreen
Changes of rainfall extremes around the haor basin areas of Bangladesh using multi-member ensemble RCM
2014 R. Rajbhandari
Projected changes in climate over the Indus river basin using a high resolution regional climate model (PRECIS)
2014 Xiuquan Wang
High-Resolution Probabilistic Projections of Temperature Changes over Ontario, Canada
2013 Prasnta Kumar Bal
Climate change projections for Tamil Nadu, India: deriving high-resolution climate data by a downscaling approach using PRECIS
2013 Mearns, L.O
Climate change projections of the North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program (NARCCAP)
2012 David E. Rupp
Did human inflluence on climate make the 2011 Texas drought more probable?
2011 Dawit Abebe
Future climate of Ethiopia from PRECIS - Experimental Design
2011 Republic of Lebanon Ministry of Environment
Lebanon's Second National Communication to the UNFCCC

Christian Seiler
Implementation and validation of a RCM for Bolivia

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MSc Dissertation

David Michael Hein-Griggs, University of Reading
The Representation of Extreme Precipitation in the HadRM3P Regional Climate Model

Faisal Al Zawad, 2009: Climate Change in Saudi Arabia on a Regional Scale: Impacts on Evaporation, Surface Runoff and Soil Moisture

"This book is the first in introducing the use of PRECIS... Even though this book is about Saudi Arabia, the techniques used can be applied easily to other regions in the world."
Poster Y. Zhao, 2014
Projections of Climate Changes over the Great Lakes using PRECIS RCM -- A Preliminary Result