WCSSP funding opportunities

The Weather and Climate Science for Service Partnership Programme comprises projects designed to build the basis for strengthening the resilience of vulnerable communities to weather and climate variability, supported by the UK government's Newton Fund.
There are no current bidding opportunities.

For information on the bidding process, visit our grant funding webpage.

The Met Office is a Newton Fund delivery partner on behalf of UK government.  We are administering the Newton Fund through the Weather and Climate Science for Service Partnerships (WCSSP) programme. The Programme draws on expertise across the breadth of the UK research community. We will be allocating funding for WCSSP Programme projects through open competition. Details of open opportunities can be found on these pages and you can also learn about the research that has already been undertaken in this programme.

The Newton Fund aims to promote the economic development and welfare of partner countries to address the problems of people in developing countries around the world. It aims to develop science and innovation partnerships that promote economic development and welfare as well as unlocking further funding to support poverty alleviation.