Clean Air programme news

Global Action Plan partnership - February 2024

We partnered with Global Action Plan to develop a suite of resources for schools about air quality. You can explore the resources on our website. 

Clean Air Day - 15 June 2023

Clean Air Day 2023 took place on 15 June, run by Global Action Plan. The annual event is the UK's largest air pollution campaign. More information about Clean Air Day is available on Global Action Plan's webite.

Clean Air Planner - 24 March 2023

As part of the Clean Air Programme, Global Action Plan (GAP) with support from the Met Office are producing a suite of science-based resources to help children, young people and adults understand and act on air pollution.

GAP have created a webtool to give adults a personalised clean air planner. You can make your own clean air plan via this link.

Clean Air Day - 16 June 2022

The Met Office supported Clean Air Day 2022, which was run by Global Action Plan. More here

UK Community Emission Modelling System (UK-EMS) launch - 16 June 2022

The Met Office are supporting the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (UKCEH) in their delivery of the UK-Emission Modelling System (UK-EMS). This project was launched on Clean Air Day 2022. The UK-EMS will provide a framework for emission modelling to enable researchers to better estimate existing pollutant levels and evaluate future scenarios from UK national to street level. More information can be found on the associated DUKEMS (Developing a UK Community Emissions Modelling System) project page. 

The project is one of several that were commissioned by the Met Office under the Wave one funding from the SPF Clean Air Programme. More information can be found here.


Exploring how air pollution in indoor spaces affects human health - 27 July 2021

The UKRI announced three new research projects that will investigate how air pollutants in indoor spaces can adversely affect the health of the people inhabiting them. The indoor spaces being investigated include homes, schools and workplaces. Learn more.


The Highways England Innovation Showcase for Digital Roads and Air Quality – 7 July 2021, 10:00-16:00

The Highways England Innovation Showcase for Digital Roads and Air Quality will take place as a virtual event on 7th July 2021 from 10:00 – 16:00. Learn more.


Clean Air Day 17 June 2021 – Programme activities to watch out for!

Over the next four years, teams from climate, science and health sectors will be identifying practical and usable solutions to air pollution to help policy makers and business protect health; and work towards a cleaner economy. This includes projects to understand current and future air pollution, along with networks that join together researchers and industry. Learn more.


Clean Air Day Event 17 June 2021 from the Networks – Communicating Clean Air Research

Clean Air Day is focused on improving public understanding of air pollution and building awareness of how air pollution impacts our health. As part of Clean Air Day 2021, the six UKRI SPF-Clean Air funded air quality networks will be hosting an event on how the academic community can engage and involve wider public in clean air research. Learn more.


Expression of interest opportunity - February 2021

The Clean Air programme is inviting expressions of interest for a number of research funding opportunities. Visit our opportunities page for details.


UKRI and Met Office appoint Dr Gary Fuller as Clean Air Champion - January 2021

Dr Fuller (Imperial College London) will join the existing champions, Professor Sir Stephen Holgate and Dr Jenny Baverstock. They will bring together outstanding researchers across atmospheric, medical and social sciences to develop practical solutions for air quality issues.  Find out more about the appointment on the UKRI website.


Clean Air programme seeks Chair for Steering Committee - November 2020

The Clean Air programme is looking to appoint a chair to its Steering Committee. Self-nominations are invited by 4pm on 14 December 2020.

Click here to find out more.


Joining forces to improve air quality and health - November 2020

As part of a series of planned on-line workshops and meetings, the SPF Clean Air team together with the Clean Air Champions (Prof Sir Stephen Holgate and Dr Jenny Baverstock) recently held a two-day on-line workshop entitled ‘Joining Forces to Improve Air Quality and Health’.

The workshop featured short presentations representing the views from academia, local and national policy, primary health care, charities and industry. Over 80 delegates attended and were engaged in a series of breakout sessions to discuss potential barriers that prevent a more joined up and holistic approach to work in this area. They also examined ways in which the community could enable improved cohesion in addressing the problems. The meeting provided an opportunity for a wide range of experts who work in various air quality and health related sectors to collectively discuss underlying issues perhaps for the first time. 

NPL announces network formed to address the metrology needs for Clean Air programme - October 2020

On Clean Air Day 2020 the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) announced their receipt of funding as part of the Clean Air programme. Find out more on our awards page.


Aircraft measurements of air quality in the UK - September 2020

The European Facility for Airborne Research (EUFAR) has published an article on the Atmospheric Survey Aircraft (ASA) which is collecting air quality observations thanks to funding from the Clean Air programme. Read the article here.


UKRI Clean Air research networks announced - July 2020

UKRI have awarded £3million to support six multidisciplinary research networks that will address future air quality challenges at the indoor-outdoor interface. More details can be found in their press release.


Clean Air website - July 2020

The Clean Air programme has this month launched a programme website, which contains project information, blog posts and more. You can visit the website here.


Funding call awards – April 2020

Following open funding calls in 2019, we are pleased to announce that contracts have been signed with the successful bidders. Details can be found on our awards page.

Pre-announcement of call - September 2019

NERC, on behalf of UKRI and the Met Office, will shortly announce a Strategic Priorities Fund call for networks to build interdisciplinary communities to address air quality challenges across the indoor/outdoor continuum. Read more here.


Second wave funding announced - September 2019

The UK Government's Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has announced a second wave of funding for the SPF Clean Air programme. Read their press release here.


Bids are invited for funding opportunities - August 2019

We are inviting bids for funding opportunities for this programme. Visit our opportunities page for details.


Encouraging community participation - advance notice - July 2019

The partners in the Clean Air programme would like to encourage community participation in a co-ordinated UK observing intensive period in 2021. You can find out more on the NERC website.


Clean Air Champions announced - June 2019

Read more on the programme and about the Clean Air Champions appointed by the programme to bring researchers together in this press release.