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UK Climate Resilience programme news

UK Climate Resilience programme book - January 2024

A new book has been published about the UK Climate Resilience programme. ‘Quantifying Climate Risk and Building Resilience in the UK’ summarises £19m of research to improve the characterisation and quantification of climate risks, enhance understanding of the management of climate risks, and develop and delivery climate services. Find out more about the publication

UK Climate Resilience Final Conference - March 2023

The final conference of the programme took place in London on 8-9 March. This hybrid event was an opportunity to celebrate the successes of the programme and discuss the implications of research findings for practice and policy. More information about the conference can be found on the event webpage.

UK Climate Resilience Showcase - October 2022

The UK Climate Resilience Programme Showcase took place on 10-11 October 2022 at the University of Hull.  It will be a celebration of the work of the UK Climate Resilience community, and a demonstration of the value of the programme’s research outputs. More details are available here

New embedded researcher cohort announced - November 2021

The UK Climate Resilience Programme is pleased to announce a second cohort of projects have been awarded through the Embedded Research fund with UKRI. Learn more.

Climate Resilience Webinar Series - 2021

A UK Climate Resilience Programme lunchtime webinar series in which both researchers and stakeholders participate.  The webinars showcase projects conducted for UKRI and by the Met Office for the SPF UK Climate Resilience Programme and thematic topics. Learn more on the UKCRP website.

UK Climate Resilience Programme Blog

Read about the latest updates on the UK Climate Resilience Programme blog

UKCR Academics contribute to third Climate change Risk Assessment - July 2021

Academics involved in the SPF UK Climate Resilience Programme (UKCR) have contributed to the Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk for the third Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA3). Learn more on the UKCRP website

Pioneering Study Develops Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (SSPs) to Equip Research on UK Climate Resilience - June 2021

Commissioned by the Met Office and funded by the UK Climate Resilience Programme, this pioneering interdisciplinary research developed a set of UK-SSPs (Shared Socioeconomic Pathways) that are consistent with the global SSPs, and provides a series of innovative products that will aid future research into the UK’s climate resilience. Read the full article on the UKCRP website

Climate Information to inform UK decision making - May 2021

The Met Office has commissioned a research project, through the UK Climate Resilience Programme, that will determine the next steps needed to produce climate information to support UK climate risk assessment and adaptation decision-making over the next decade. The engagement of users and providers throughout the project is crucial to its success and a co-creation approach will be adopted so that the recommended climate information fulfils the needs of users and is confirmed as technologically viable by providers. Find out more

High impact scenarios and storylines  - May 2021

This project will create a set of ‘high impact’ scenarios or storylines, representing plausible high-consequence but low-likelihood future climates. The scenarios will define hot, cold, wet and dry extremes, windstorms, sea level rise and compound events. Find out more. 


Climate Expo Conference - May 2021

Registration is now open for Climate Exp0, the first virtual conference from the COP26 Universities Network and the Italian University Network for Sustainable Development (RUS).

Online, free and open to all, Climate Exp0 will showcase the latest thinking and most relevant international research in the run-up to COP26. Learn more on the UKCRP website.


Met Office Climate Science Conference - May 2021

During this crucial year for addressing the climate crisis, the Met Office Hadley Centre, having recently marked its thirtieth anniversary in 2020, will host a conference on the theme of net zero and climate resilience that will help set the agenda for the development of science for policy over the next decade. Find out more.

Workshop: UK Climate and Socio-economic Scenario Data Products - April 2021

The UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology will be hosting an online workshop to describe and make accessible a new set climate and socio-economic scenario datasets and products for the UK, to support future research and policy on UK climate risk and resilience. Learn more on the UKCRP website


Climate change to put farming sectors under stress - April 2021

A new study by the Met Office gives examples of how two of the UK’s most important farming sectors are likely to be impacted by climate change. The study – published in Climate Risk Management – examines the effect of climate change on the dairy and potato farming sectors over the next thirty to fifty years. Find out more 


Increases to Agricultural Hazards over the next 50 years - April 2021

Future climate change is likely to have a serious impact on two of the UK’s agricultural staples, dairy farming and potato growing, according to a recent paper published by Met Office scientists. Learn more about this paper on the UKCRP website.


Urban Climate services Pilot helps fill evidence gap on heart - February 2021

Urban fact sheets produced by the Met Office in the form of “city packs” have been hailed as “a brilliant opportunity to bridge the gap between climate science and practitioners”. Learn more on the UKCRP website.


Met Office Hackathon presents Climate Data Challenge - March 2021

A Met Office hackathon has produced a wide range of innovative ideas for ways to bring together data and other information to improve the UK’s resilience to a changing climate. Virtual 3-D visualisations, storytelling, interactive projections, digital platforms, the use of  webcams and a participatory art project were just some of the solutions participants came up with over the course of the two-day Climate Data Challenge. Learn more about the event on the UKCRP website.


Exploring spatially coherent flood risks – present and future  - February 2021

Spatially coherent (widespread) flood events can cause significant damage and disruption in the UK.  For the first time, this research is exploring how climate change may influence the spatial structure of widespread events and how any change may influence future risks and our approach to managing them.  Find out more on the UKCRP website

Urban climate Services pilot helps fill evidence gap on heat  - January 2021

Urban fact sheets have been created by the Met Office to help to bridge the gap between climate science and practitioners. Find out more on the UKCRP website.

UKCR Quarterly Newsletter - April 2021

Read the latest edition of the UK Climate Resilience Programme newsletter. Featuring items on the UKCR Second Embedded Researcher scheme, upcoming Climate science and policy conferences, an update on the UK-SSPs project and a special products training webinar and much more. Find out more on the UKCRP website

Communication of uncertainty  - December 2020

Two infographics have been produced to communicate effective communication of climate change information and associated uncertainty and evidence-based recommendations for the visualisation of climate information. Find out more from the UKCRP website.

Introducing socio-economic scenarios  - November 2020

Socio-economic scenarios as a tool to explore the future are being developed by the UK-SSPs project for the SPF UK Climate Resilience Programme.  Find out more from the UKCRP website. 


Is the UK on track to adapt to Climate Change? - October 2020

The UK government, alongside others worldwide, has pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero in an attempt to curb the consequences of climate change. Learn more on the UKCRP website

Met Office Climate Scientist Jason Lowe awarded OBE - October 2020

Professor Jason Lowe, Head of Climate Services at the Met Office, is a world-leading expert in climate science. Professor Lowe, who is also Met Office Science Co-ordinator for the SPF UK Climate Resilience Programme, has been recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list 2020 where he was awarded an OBE. Learn more on the UKCRP website.


How can we improve the health sector’s climate resilience? – August 2020

Weather and climate can have great impacts on human health. One aspect of this is in relation to temperature exposure.
Katty Huang and Andrew Charlton-Perez explore the impacts for the health sector. Find out more on the UKCRP website

UKCR Funded Met Office Projects : Newly Available Outputs - July 2020

The Climate Resilience Programme’s project list includes several work packages led by the Met Office. As these have progressed over the last several months, we are now able to share project reports on the UKCRPwebsite.

UK Climate Resilience programme webinar series announced - May 2020

A new lunchtime webinar series has been launched by the UK Climate Resilience programme (UKCRP) to showcase projects conducted for UKRI and the Met Office for the first wave of the programme. Find out more about the webinar series, which begins on 20 May, on the UKCRP website.

New Met Office Projects Announced  - February 2020

The Met Office has commissioned new research as part of the SPF UK Climate Resilience programme, which is jointly led by UKRI and the Met Office. Learn more on the UKCRP Website.

Funding call awards – February 2020

Following open funding calls in 2019, we are pleased to announce that contracts have been signed with the successful bidders. Details can be found on our awards page. More information can also be found on the UK Climate Resilience programme website.

Introducing Socio-economic Scenarios - January 2020

Socio-economic scenarios as a tool to explore the future are being developed by the UK-SSPs project for the SPF UK Climate Resilience Programme. The project is commissioned by the Met Office and is carried out by Cambridge Econometrics in collaboration with the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH), University of Edinburgh and University of Exeter. Larn more on the UKCRP website.


UK Climate Resilience programme holds Leeds Worskshop - November 2019

The SPF UK Climate Resilience Programme held its first workshop on 14-15 November, bringing together representatives from 19 UKRI projects and four Met Office work themes. Learn more on the UKCRP website.


UK Climate Resilience programme - November 2019

The UK Climate Resilience programme has launched its new website - click here to reach the site. 


UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and the Met Office are publishing a Joint Science Plan for the UK Climate Resilience Programme - August  2019

UK Climate Resilience Programme Joint Science Plan
The Joint Science Plan outlines the vision for the programme, its background and context, main objectives, intended outputs and legacies, research themes and implementation. It has been informed by consultation with UKRI and Met Office communities and climate resilience stakeholders from public, private and third sectors, consideration of past and on-going programme activities, Government departments’ research priorities, the evolving UK climate resilience research landscape and the state-of-the-art in relevant disciplines.


UK Climate Resilience appoints Champions - August 2019 

UK Climate Resilience appoints Champions for the UKRI & Met Office led Strategic Priorities Fund research programme - Read more


UK Climate Resilience programme research grants awarded – May 2019

Following the publication of calls in February 2019, we are pleased to announce the following awards for new project work under the UK Climate Resilience programme commencing in July 2019:
RAND Europe - Comparison of risk assessment frameworks and evaluation of their suitability for use in climate risk assessment on time-scales from a season ahead to decades ahead.