Applied Products

The UKCP18 project team worked with potential users to understand what information and products are of most use, and provided the following documents to develop your own research requirements or in discussion with your wider network:

User needs for applied products from UKCP18

An overview of the user requirements for applied products, (previously known as derived products), the principles to prioritise the development of derived products and suggests ways in which some of these products could be developed.

View: User needs for derived products from UKCP18 [264kb]

UKCP18 - Climate impacts narratives

Summary narratives developed with subject experts and set out what climate impacts information is needed to enable adaptation, and how this may be derived from UKCP18. They cover air quality, coastal erosion, drought, flood risk, health and temperature, landslides, river erosion and bed scour, rivers flows and levels as well as soil moisture deficit.

View: UKCP18 - Climate impacts narratives [485kb]