How to load historic station data into Microsoft Excel

  1. Select all the data in the file (using the browser menu, Edit > Select All, then Edit > Copy)
  2. Open a new worksheet in Excel. Select cell A1, then Edit > Paste
    The file has now been pasted into Excel, but the data from row 6 down now need to be placed into separate columns.
  3. Select the data in column A from row 6 (starting yyyy) to the last row.
  4. Data > Text to Columns.
    This opens the 'Text to columns wizard'. Select Fixed width > Next
  5. Add break lines as required to separate *, #, and 'Provisional' text at the bottom of the data. Use the scroll bar as necessary to view the bottom of the data (see example below) > Next
  6. Leave the column data format as General for all columns > Finish
  7. The data are now separated into individual columns. Save the file as an Excel spreadsheet.