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UK climate stations

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By searching for a location or selecting a climate station on the map above, you can view climate averages for the 30-year period 1991-2020. Climate averages are also available for earlier periods 1981-2010, 1971-2000 and 1961-1990. The averages are available across a range of climate variables and in the following formats:

Averages table

The averages table shows 30-year averages for the nearest / most similar climate station to your chosen location. Tables below show averages for districts, regions and the UK. Some stations may not have all climate variables available.

Averages graphs

The graph provides an alternative representation of the average data for your chosen location. By moving your mouse cursor over the graph you can see the average figures for your chosen climate variable for each month. The graph also includes 20th and 80th percentile values. We would expect, on average, one year in every five to be below the 20th percentile value, and one year in every five to be above the 80th percentile value.

Location comparison

The comparison graphs enable you to compare the averages for two chosen locations. For example, you can see if one location is, on average, significantly warmer, drier, or sunnier than the other.

Averages maps

These maps enable you to view maps of monthly, seasonal and annual averages for the UK. The maps are based on the 1km resolution HadUK-Grid dataset derived from station data.

*Locations displayed in this map may not be those from which observations are made. Data will be displayed from the closest available climate station, which may be a short distance from the chosen location. We are working to improve the visualisation of data as part of this map.