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External collaborations on monthly to decadal prediction

Key projects

  • Regional climate outlook forums (RCOFs): for several regions of the world, provision of real-time regional climate outlook products.

  • El Niño/La Niña updates: international consensus on monitoring and outlook of

  • : operational multi-model ensemble from Global Producing Centres (of long-range forecasts).

  • : operational multi-model ensemble for seasonal to interannual prediction.

  • : develop a programme of numerical experimentation for seasonal-to-interannual variability and predictability, develop appropriate data assimilation, model initialisations and forecasting procedures for seasonal-to-interannual predictions.

  • SPECS: research and dissemination activities to deliver a new generation of European climate forecast systems, with improved forecast quality at seasonal-to-decadal time scales.
  • : advance Earth system models for more accurate climate projections, and reduced uncertainty in the prediction of climate and climate change in the next decades.

  • Euro-Argo: secure the future of the Argo array and demonstrate its usefulness for climate predictions.


    • develop an objective probabilistic estimate of uncertainty in future climate at the seasonal to decadal and longer timescales;

    • quantify and reduce the uncertainty in the representation of feedbacks in the Earth system;

    • link the outputs of the ensemble prediction system to a range of applications.