The Earth globe viewed from space and showing land masses in different colours according to temperature, from blue to red.

Met Office Data Publications

The National Meteorological Archive holds a great many published and unpublished series of data relating to a range of meteorological elements. These are an valuable resource for anyone interested in historical data.

Some of our most popular series have been scanned and are available here including the Daily Weather Report, now known as the Daily Weather Summary, the longest running data series in the National Meteorological Archive.

  • Monthly Weather Report - general summaries taken from the Monthly Weather Report, a monthly meteorological publication which started in January 1884 and ended in December 1993
  • British Rainfall - a long running series giving monthly and annual totals of rainfall for the United Kingdom which started in 1860 and ended in 1991
  • Daily Weather Report - published since September 1860, the series has currently been scanned from 1869 to 1980. They are still produced today as the Daily Weather Summary.
  • Snow Survey of Great Britain - annual reports of snow information for the winters of 1953/1954 to 1991/1992