Stormy Weather: From Lore to Science

In an exciting collaboration with the Royal Society we have built a series of exhibits to help you learn more about the development of our scientific understanding of the weather from the earliest days of weather lore to modern supercomputing.

Please click on each title to reach the exhibition.

Weather Lore:

Explore how people predicted the weather before scientific forecasting and discover weather lore ranging from the accurate to the absurd.

Early Science of the Weather

Discover how the theories and inventions of some of the greatest names in early science laid the foundations of the field in the 17th and 18th century. A showcase in partnership with the Met Office.

The Foundations of the Met Office

Find out about the pioneering work of Met Office founder Robert FitzRoy and the establishment of the first national forecasting system.

Meteorological Observations:

An insight into some of the methods that have been used to measure, observe and record precipitation, temperature, wind, sunshine and clouds over time.

A Citizen Science:

Discover how observations from across the world have been used to forecast the weather for hundreds of years and how you can be involved today.

Numerical Weather Predictions and Supercomputers:

Computers have revolutionised the way weather is forecast. Here you can learn about the origins of Numerical Weather Prediction and the history of the Met Office supercomputers.