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Met Office technical documents

The Met Office produces technical documents relating to our climate, observational and forecasting capabilities and services. The most recent reports are detailed in the table below.



Title Author(s) Date
Report on implementation and evaluation of MORUSES in the UKV (PS37) Bohnenstengel, S.I,. Hendry, M.A. 2016
Optimising the accuracy of radar products with dual polarisation : Project benefits

Tim Darlington Donal Adams, Steven Best, Nawal Husnoo, Sam Lyons, Katie Norman


Designing an operation C-band radar to realise the benefits of dual-polarisation T Darlington, M R A Edwards, V A Lissaman, R Riley, J Sugier, M Kitchen, D Adams, R Cox, N Freeman, K Norman, R O’Boyle, C Sloan, M Smees


Final Report on the WVSS-II Sensors fitted to the FAAM BAe 146 

Vance, A.K., Woolley, A., Cotton, R., Turnbull, K., Abel, S., Harlow, C.


Areal Forecasting Science Specifications (working paper) Sarran, C 2011

The Development of GML Weather Objects for use in decision aid technologies, with particular application to aviation technologies.

Mirza A.K. 2009


Met Office science also produces a series of  science technical reports as part of their on-going world class scientific research.

You can search our online catalogue for details of all of our publications and browse our digital library and archive  for any digitised content.

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