National Severe Weather Warnings Archive

The National Meteorological Library is cataloguing all the Next Generation NSWWS reports which commenced 29 Mar 2018 which means you can search for them in our online catalogue. You can enter NSWWS in the search bar to get a listing of all the reports catalogued so far or go to the advanced search to search by a combincations of date, warning colour, region etc.

All of these reports have been uploaded to our Digital Library & Archive and can be viewed in the NSWWS Collection and we are adding new warnings each month.

The growing archive of NSWWS reports currently dates from January 2018 and you can access them in a variety of ways:

  1. Browse the catalogue entries for the Next Generation NSWWS commencing 29 Mar 2018
  2. View the next generation  NSWWS reports commencing 29 Mar 2018 in our Digital Library & Archive 
  3. View the previous format NSWWS reports  for Jan-Mar 2018

We are also working hard to catalogue NSWW dating back to 2012 and these will be added to the archive over the coming months.

Please email us if you have a question about our NSWWS archive.