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Climate science technical notes

Climate science involves the development of climate datasets based on observations; the use of these datasets in climate change monitoring and attribution and the use of Earth System Models to make future predictions from months to centuries into the future.


Most recent Hadley Centre Technical Notes
Number Title Author Year
109 Comparison between climate change projections from the UKCP land scenarios and CMIP6 models Murphy, J.M.; Booth, B.B.B.; Harris, G.R.; McSweeney, C.F.; Palmer, T.E.; Sexton, D.M.H.; Yamazaki, K. 2023
108 Evaluating Convection-Permitting Climate Models over the Shetland Islands Pirret, J.S.R.; Fung, F. 2022
107 Using CMIP6 multi-model ensembles for near real-time attribution of extreme events Christidis, N. 2021
106 Attribution of the 2018 summer heatwave in the UK Christidis, N.; Stott, P.A. 2018
105 Rainfall disaggregation via multiplicative random cascades in the JULES land surface model Paspaldzhiev, I.; Williams, K.; Falloon, P. 2019
104 Disaggregating daily accumulations of 3-hourly WFDEI-GPCC rainfall via a multiplicative cascade procedure Paspaldzhiev, I.; Williams, K.; Falloon, P. 2019
103 HadlSD version 3: monthly updates Dunn, R.J.H. 2019
102 Selection of CMIP5 members to augment a perturbed-parameter ensemble of global realisations of future climate for the UKCP18 scenarios McSweeney, C.; Murphy, J.; Sexton, D.; Rostron, J.; Yamazaki, K.; Harris, G. 2018
101 The elicitation of distributions of parameters in HadGEM3 versions GA4 and GA7 for use in perturbed parameter ensembles. Sexton, D.M.H.; Murphy, J.; Booth, B (Met Office Hadley Centre).; Karmalkar, A (University of Massachusetts).; Regayre, L.; Johnson, J (University of Leeds). 2018


Marine Projections

Palmer, M.; Howard, T.; Tinker, J.; Lowe, J


99 Assessment of the UKCP09 probabilistic land scenarios, including comparison against IPCC CMIP5 multi-model simulations. Sexton, D.; Murphy, J.; Richardson, K.; Harris, G.; Brown, S.; Tinker, J (Met Office).; Karmalkar, A (University of Massachusetts). 2016
98 Meridional overturning circulations driven by surface wind and buoyancy forcing. Bell, M.J. 2015

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