Weather science technical reports

Weather Science provides the forecasting capabilities that are used for routine operational short to medium range forecasting of the weather, the oceans and their impacts.

Report No. Title Author(s) Year
659 Updates to the global FOAM system including model and data assimilation changes. Carneiro, D.M.; Waters, J.; Lea, D.; Martin, M.; While, J.; Weaver, A.; Vidard, A.; Guiavarc’h, C.; Storkey, D.; Ford, D.; Blockley, E.; Baker, J.; Haines, K.; Price, M.; Bell, M.; Renshaw, R. 2024

An analysis of the impact of Ocean Gliders on the AMM15 model.

Worsfold, M.; Good, S. 2023
657 Assessing the impact of including a global ocean ensemble system in the Met Office coupled Numerical Weather Prediction system Lea, J.D.; Martin, M.J.; Price, M.; Roberts-Jones, J.; Tennant, W.; Harris, C. 2023
656 Improved satellite detection of volcanic ash Saint, C. 2023

Met Office Global Wave Model: Description and annual performance review, June 2022 to May 2023

Gómez, B.; Saulter, A. 2023
654 The Met Office Unified Model GA7.2GL8.1 and GA7.2.1GL8.1.1
configurations: Developments from GA7GL7
Willett, M.R.; Brooks, M.E.; Edwards, J.M.; Lock, A.P.; Malcolm, A.J.; Muller, E.H.;Tennant, W.J. 2023
653 Review of literature on remote sensing technologies and applications for volume/profile measurement of wind and turbulence Sheridan, P. 2019
649 Sensitivity of Convective Forecasts to Driving and Regional Models During the 2020 Hazardous Weather Testbed Flack, D.L.A.; Bain, C.; Warner, J. 2021
647 Investigating How the Choice of Stratospheric Meteorological Data Influences Volcanic Ash Forecasts Within the London VAAC Area of Responsibility Stebbing, N,; Beckett, F.; Jones, A. 2021
646 Metrics for assessing the impact of observations in NWP: a theoretical study. Part II: suboptimal systems Eyre, J. 2021
645 Short-range ocean forecast error characteristics in high resolution assimilative systems Carneiro, D.M.; King, R.; Martin, M.; Aguiar, A. 2021
644 Quality-control of vehicle-based temperature observations and future recommendations Bell, Z.; Dance, S.L.; Waller, J.A.; O'Boyle, K. 2021
643 Metrics for assessing the impact of observations in NWP: a theoretical study. Part I: optimal systems Eyre, J. 2021
642 The effect of different levels of coupling in surface wind waves along the NWS during extreme events Valiente, N.G.; Saulter, A.; Lewis, H. 2021
641 Recent results of observation data denial experiments. Candy, B.; Cotton, J.; Eyre, J. 2021
640 An assessment of GNSS radio occultation data produced by Spire Bowler, N.E. 2020
639 Improved parametrization scheme to represent tropospheric moist convection in the atmospheric dispersion model NAME Meneguz, E.; Selvaratnam, V.; Thomson, D.J.; Witham, C.S.; and others. 2019
637 Grenfell Tower fire: modelling deposition of smoke particulates using NAME Kendall, E.L.; Leadbetter, S.J.; Witham, C.S.; Hort, M.C. 2019
636 Forecast Sensitivity to Observations Impact (FSOI) by country or region Cotton, J.; Eyre, J. 2019
635 Orographic drag in the Met Office Unified Model: Sensitivity to parameterization and
insights from inter-model variability in drag partition
Elvidge, A.D. 2019
634 Preliminary assessment of FY-3D microwave instruments towards their use in NWP systems  Carminati F.; Atkinson, N.; Lu, Q. 2019
633 Grenfell Tower fire: modelling smoke plume dispersion and air quality impact using NAME Kendall, E.L.; Hort , M. C.; Witham, C. S. 2019

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