Weather science technical reports

Weather Science provides the forecasting capabilities that are used for routine operational short to medium range forecasting of the weather, the oceans and their impacts.

Report No. Title Author(s) Year
640 An assessment of GNSS radio occultation data produced by Spire Bowler, N.E. 2020
639 Improved parametrization scheme to represent tropospheric moist convection in the atmospheric dispersion model NAME Meneguz, E.; Selvaratnam, V.; Thomson, D. J.; Witham, C. S.; and others. 2019
637 Grenfell Tower fire: modelling deposition of smoke particulates using NAME Kendall, E. L.; Leadbetter, S. J.; Witham, C. S.; Hort, M. C. 2019
636 Forecast Sensitivity to Observations Impact (FSOI) by country or region Cotton, J.; Eyre, J. 2019
635 Orographic drag in the Met Office Unified Model: Sensitivity to parameterization and
insights from inter-model variability in drag partition
Elvidge, A.D. 2019
634 Preliminary assessment of FY-3D microwave instruments towards their use in NWP systems  Carminati F.; Atkinson, N.; Lu, Q. 2019
633 Grenfell Tower fire: modelling smoke plume dispersion and air quality impact using NAME Kendall, E.L.; Hort , M. C.; Witham, C. S. 2019
632 An Initial Evaluation of the GLOMAP-mode Aerosol Scheme for UK Air-Quality Forecasting with AQUM

Hemmings, J.; Savage, N.


631 The testing and implementation of variational bias correction (VarBC) in the Met Office global NWP system Cameron, J.; Bell, W. 2018
630 Evaluation of TechDemoSat-1 GNSS-R ocean surface winds in numerical weather prediction Cotton, J.; Eyre, J.; Forsythe, M. 2018
629 Observing system studies proposed for GNSS-R ocean surface wind data Eyre, J. 2018
628 Assessment of surface pressure data from the OCO-2 satellite. Turp, D. 2018
627 The sensitivity of AMM15 ocean model sea surface temperature to shortwave radiation forcing. Arnold, A. 2018
626 32-bit Physics in the Unified Model. A proof of concept study. Gilham, R. 2018
625 Deterministic data assimilation developments-July 2017 Inverarity, G.W. (editor).; Wlasak, M.A.; Jardak, M.; Lorenc, A.C. 2018

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