An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Dr Adrian Hines

Areas of expertise

  • Identification of scientific capabilities that can provide insight into customer questions around climate variability and change
  • Ocean modelling and data assimilation
  • Ocean and wave forecast systems
  • Coupled modelling

Publications by Adrian Hines

Current activities

Adrian leads the Applied Climate Science group within Applied Science and Scientific Consultancy. The team undertake a diverse range of activities including research, product and service development, and provision of consultancy advice aimed at enabling customers to understand and respond to the potential impacts of climate variability and change on their activities.

Sectors of focus include:

  • Utilities
  • Transport
  • Insurance and capital markets
  • Regional climate modelling
  • Capacity building
  • Climate security

Further details can be found on each of the team pages.

Career background

Adrian graduated from Exeter University in 1994 with a BSc in Mathematics, before completing a PhD at Keele University and Southampton Oceanography Centre. He submitted his thesis titled "Models of large-scale wind and buoyancy driven ocean circulation" in 1997 immediately before joining the Met Office. Adrian spent twelve years working in the Met Office Ocean Forecasting team, initially working on data assimilation in the FOAM Ocean Forecasting System. He subsequently managed the FOAM team, the Wave Forecasting Research and Development team, and the Ocean Forecasting Research and Development team, gaining a broad knowledge of ocean forecasting.

In 2009, Adrian took up a post in the Met Office Hadley Centre leading development of the ocean component of the Hadley Centre coupled climate models. In this role he took a lead in developing the Joint Ocean Modelling Programme in partnership with NERC agencies to accelerate the joint UK effort to develop the NEMO ocean model.

Adrian subsequently returned to the Ocean Forecasting team to lead development of coupled models for short range forecasting, including development of a UK coupled model system that is now forming the basis of work to develop a UK Environmental Prediction system.

Adrian took up his current post leading the Applied Climate Science team in 2013.

Adrian is a Chartered Marine Scientist and a Fellow of the Institute for Marine Engineering Science and Technology.