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Dr Alejandro Bodas-Salcedo

Alejandro works on developing and assessing the Met Office Hadley Centre's climate models.

Areas of expertise:

  • Earth's radiation budget.

  • Satellite data.

  • Cloud-radiation-precipitation interactions and their representation in climate models.

  • Development of forward-modelling techniques for the exploitation of remote sensing data. 

Current activities

Alejandro works on the development of new methodologies for the exploitation of satellite data for evaluation and understanding climate models, in particular the assessment of cloud-radiation-precipitation interactions. He has led the development of the CFMIP Observation Simulator Package (COSP). COSP is a flexible software tool that allows simulation of signals of several satellite instruments from climate model variables. This work has involved collaboration with several international research groups in France and the USA.

Alejandro's work helps to improve our modelling capabilities and products related to the representation of clouds and radiation in our numerical models. Alejandro makes use of the different configurations of the Unified Model to study the physical processes associated with clouds, radiation and precipitation. This information is then used to support the development of the model and to understand physical processes.

Career background

Alejandro has been a member of Understanding Climate Change since joining the Met Office in 2004. Before joining the Met Office, Alejandro completed a PhD in remote sensing at the University of Valencia, Spain. Alejandro spent three months at NASA Langley and another three months at GKSS, Geesthacht (Germany) as a visiting scientist.

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