Dr Andy Saulter

Areas of expertise

  • Ocean wave forecast modelling.

  • Coastal waves and sediment dynamics.

  • Verification and analysis of metocean data.

  • Application of metocean past and forecast data to offshore industries.

Publications by Andy

Current activities

Andy is a scientific manager responsible for research and development of the Met Office suite of global and regional short range (one to five days ahead) wave forecast models, and provision of specialist oceanographic consultancy to a range of government and commercial customers.

Central to these activities is assessing the quality of science that underlies the models and monitoring performance of these systems against other representations of the marine environment, such as in situ or remote sensed observations and other forecasting models or man-machine mix systems.

Andy's other main activities are in advising system users on how to maximise the benefits that can be achieved from various metocean data, and developing demonstration and consultancy products that are of direct relevance to specific marine industries (e.g. offshore oil and gas, renewables).

Career background

Andy has nearly two decades post-graduate experience in marine offshore forecast services ocean wave and sediment dynamics, and offshore survey, including:

  • Met Office oceanographic consultant, providing analysis services and forecast demonstrators based on marine data, including development of operational nearshore wave and surf zone forecast systems.
  • Met Office verification team member analysing performance of meteorological forecast products.
  • PhD and postdoctoral research fellow at University of Plymouth specializing in coastal waves and sediment transport processes.
  • Hydrographic surveyor providing positioning services for the offshore oil and gas industry and conducting coastal bathymetric surveys.

Recent career highlights at the Met Office include: