An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Dr. Camilla Mathison

Areas of expertise

  • Mitigation advice
  • Simple climate models
  • Climate impacts
  • Modelling and analysis

Current activities

Camilla's work aims to develop, with our partners, a capability to use the FaIR simple climate model (Smith et al., 2018Leach et al., 2021) for the rapid assessment of climate scenarios to provide mitigation advice to government customers and support Earth system model development. Camilla aims to integrate the latest understanding of Earth systems processes, feedbacks and observational constraints to bridge the gap between the complex Earth System Models and detailed Integrated Assessment Models; this is to ensure that the latest understanding of climate science is available for use in support of policy making.

Publications by Camilla Mathison

Career background

  • BSc Applied Mathematics, University of St Andrews,
  • MSc (Weather and Climate Modelling), University of Reading,
  • PhD (Earth and Environment, Earth sciences), University of Leeds

Camilla joined the Met Office in Forecasting research in 2002 where she spent several years working in both Convective-Scale Data Assimilation (completing an MSc) and on the assimilation of ozone as part of the Middle Atmosphere group. Camilla developed an interest in climate timescales which prompted a move to climate research in 2009, where she worked in Climate impacts on European projects including HELIX, AVOID, CSSP Brazil, WCSSP South Africa, ENSEMBLES and WATCH. While working on the EU project HighNoon, Camilla developed an interest in climate impacts in South Asia; later completing a PhD at the University of Leeds focussing on this region using JULES for simulating the impacts of climate on rivers, irrigation and crops. Camilla was also responsible for the Met Office contribution to phase 2b of the Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project (ISIMIP) in 2020.