Camilla Mathison

Areas of expertise

  • Meteorology
  • Data assimilation
  • Modelling and analysis
  • UKCP09 help desk

Current activities

Camilla's work within the adaptation area involves working with business and government departments to help them understand their sensitivity to climate change and inform their adaptation strategy. She is currently working with the Department for Work and Pensions and the Coal Authority to help inform them of how climate change could affect their operations.

Camilla's work in the impacts modelling development area involves working on European projects such as ENSEMBLES, HighNoon and WATCH. Currently Camilla is running the regional climate model over India as part of the HighNoon project and working with partners from the ENSEMBLES project to write up the intercomparison of the land surface schemes involved in the project, this involved using the TRIP river flow model within Joint UK Land Environment Simulator (JULES).

Career background

Camilla joined the Met Office in Forecasting research in 2002 where she spent the first four years working in Convective-Scale Data Assimilation were she completed a Masters in Applied Meteorology at Reading University. In 2006 she moved within data assimilation to the Middle Atmosphere group where she worked on ozone and developed an interest in climate timescales which prompted a move to climate research in March 2009. As an undergraduate Camilla studied Applied Mathematics at the University of St Andrews.