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Chris Kent

Chris is an Applied Climate Scientist

Chris works in the Climate Security Team assessing the relationship between human security and climate variability, and the potential impacts of projected changes in the climate.

Current activities

As an Applied Climate scientist Chris works on a number of projects analysing the relationships and interconnections between human security (e.g. food and livelihoods) and the climate, as well as the impact climate change may have on future human security.

Recent activities include:

  • Assessment of food price shocks on commodities important to the UK due to extreme weather (AVOID2 project)
  • Providing climate science information to the UK MOD's Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC) in support of the forthcoming Global Strategic Trends 2045 report
  • Analysing model uncertainty in CMIP5 projections for tropical precipitation including a specific assessment of East African rainfall projections
  • Assessing the geography of poverty and extreme climate events, and how this might change in the future due to climate change

Career background

Chris joined the Met Office in August 2012 as part of the Climate Consultancy Development Team working on projects with a range of Met Office Teams including; using the TRACK algorithm to analyse extra-tropical cyclones in GloSea5 hindcasts over Northern Europe, and applying data infilling methodologies on a number of weather station datasets for a commercial customer. In August 2013 Chris joined the Climate Security Team working on projects analysing the interactions between the climate and human systems.

Before joining the Met Office Chris obtained a first class BSc (Hons) degree in Ocean Science from Plymouth University. He then worked on satellite oceanography for over four years at ARGANS Ltd in Plymouth, UK, working within the MERIS Quality Working Group (MQWG) and the MERIS Validation Team (MVT), and developing the DIMITRI software for radiometric inter-calibration of optical satellite sensors.

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