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Claire Bartholomew

Claire is an Applied Scientist

Claire contributes to weather and climate research specific to the aviation community.

Current activities

Claire provides support to the aviation industry through data analysis and consultancy projects to aid the safety and efficiency of aviation operations. Since joining the team in 2013, she has carried out statistical analyses over UK airspace for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and contributed towards the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) programme, looking at the impacts of adverse weather (deep convection, snow, low visibility, etc.) on the management of the European airspace network. She also produces consultancy reports, using observational datasets to provide bespoke analyses to customers. One of Claire's key research interests is on high altitude ice crystals, an en-route aviation hazard (also referred to as engine icing or ice crystal icing). She is currently working with the Met Office satellite applications team to determine how best to detect and predict where these regions of risk are.

Career background

Claire joined the Met Office in 2012 as part of a development team in Climate science, before moving on to the Aviation applications team in Applied science in August 2013. Whilst in the development team she was involved in consultancy-based projects, researching and communicating climate impacts specific to customers across various sectors, ranging from the utilities industry to environmental organisations. During her time in this team, she also undertook a 3-month secondment into the Climate Monitoring and Attribution Team, looking at the comparison of quality control systems of ocean temperature data.

Previous to joining the Met Office, Claire obtained a BSc joint honours in Geography and Mathematics at the University of St Andrews (2011) before going on to complete an MSc in Atmosphere, Oceans and Climate at the University of Reading (2012).

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