Dr Claudio Sanchez

Areas of expertise

  • Development of convective scale coupled and uncoupled models

  • Stochastic physics schemes for global models

  • Development of process-based diagnostics for the understanding of model errors

Publications by Dr Claudio Sanchez

Current activities

Claudio contributes to the development and dissemination of convective scale models across the UM partnerships in coordination with regional model evaluation and development scientist. He is also working on the coupling of these high-resolution convective scale models to ocean models over the Maritime Continent and the Bay of Bengal, as well as the coupling of a 300m resolution model over Singapore coupled to an urban canopy scheme.

Claudio’s expertise at the MetOffice has expanded into very different areas such as Stochastic Physics, the understanding of the development of forecast errors over the North-Atlantic through PV thinking, or the development of process-based diagnostics such as cyclone tracking algorithms. His contribution to the Unified Model includes the Stochastic Perturbation of Tendencies scheme, the Spherical filtering scheme for cyclone tracking and the diabatic tracer scheme

Career background

Claudio joined the Met Office in July 2009 and is part of the Global Modelling team. Before that he worked for two years within a research project that studied the sensitivity of stratospheric dynamics to the variability of certain chemical species. This followed a masters degree in Meteorology and Geophysics at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, in his hometown Madrid, Spain. Before that, he did a Spanish equivalent five-year program degree in Physics, specialising in atmospheric physics, at the same university.