An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Dr Dan Bernie

Areas of expertise

  • Climate resilience and risk
  • UK climate change
  • Interdisciplinary research
  • Climate change mitigation advice
  • Scenario analysis

Publications by Dan Bernie

Current activities

Much of Dan's work relates to the Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF), where he manages the development and delivery of various parts of the Met Office SPF workplan and the specification for SPF projects commissioned externally. Most of this research relates to the translation of hazard information to risk for a wide range of sectors, stakeholders and decision makers.

As well as SPF, Dan is involved in research into the mitigation of climate change, providing advice and guidance to government and statutory bodies on topics such carbon budgets, long term targets, feasibility of emissions scenarios, and uncertainty in climate processes and projections.

Dan also has a part time position at the University of Bristol where he is Associate Professor in the Medical school.

Career background

Dan joined the Met Office in 2007 to work on tropical climate variability and climate model development before being going on secondment to central Government (DECC now BEIS) as a science adviser. On returning to the Met Office Dan worked extensively on the AVOID and AVOID2 programmes before taking on the management of the Hadley Centre's Mitigation Advice team and working on a number of EU projects. Dan started as manager of the UK Climate Resilience team in 2019.

Prior to his career with UK government, Dan worked for the CNRS at IPSL in Paris and obtained a PhD in meteorology from the University of Reading.