An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Dr Diego Bruciaferri

Areas of expertise

  • Numerical ocean modelling
  • High resolution and process-oriented numerical modelling
  • Ocean models’ evaluation
  • NEMO ocean model

Publications by Diego Bruciaferri

Current activities

Diego is a senior scientist of the Ocean Modelling team of the Oceans, Cryosphere and Dangerous Climate Change (OCDC) group.

His research interests include: the impact of resolution and vertical coordinate systems on the ocean models’ representation of the bottom topography influence on the oceanic flow (e.g., gravity currents, currents steering); accurate numerical schemes for computing horizontal pressure forces in generalised vertical coordinates; the interplay between the shelf seas and the deep ocean and how to represent the coastal dynamics in large scale coarse models.

Career background

Diego joined the Met Office in 2019 as a shelf seas scientist of the Ocean Forecasting R&D group, working on developing and evaluating high-resolution ocean-only as well as ocean-waves coupled regional models. In 2021, Diego moved to the Ocean Modelling team to work on developing global and regional ocean configurations and the NEMO ocean model code.

Diego is a physical oceanographer holding a MSc in Environmental Sciences (with majors in Numerical Modelling and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics) from the University of Bologna (Italy) and a PhD in Physical Oceanography and Ocean Modelling from the University of Plymouth (UK).

External recognition

  • Member of CLIVAR Ocean Model Development Panel (OMDP; 2023-2025)
  • Ocean Modelling journal young editorial board member (since 2022)