An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Doug McNeall

Areas of expertise

  • Bayesian statistics.
  • Statistical emulators for climate models.
  • Abrupt climate change.
  • Decision making under uncertainty.
  • Climate change and health.

Current activities

Doug's work involves using climate model and impacts model data, along with observations, in order to understand the uncertainty in predictions of the impacts of climate change.  He is also interested in how information about future climate change might be used to make the best decisions when adapting to a changing climate. He is currently working on the uncertainty in changes in global water availability, and the impact of high temperatures on the infrastructure of the UK National Health Service.

Career background

Doug joined the Climate Impacts group in 2008, after completing a PhD split between the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, and the Department of Probability and Statistics, at the University of Sheffield. His PhD work involved building statistical emulators of climate models, in order to better understand the probability of abrupt climate change. He studied physics and astronomy as an undergraduate, before gaining an MSc in remote sensing of the oceans.