Dr Fabien Carminati

He also carries out work aimed at improving the exploitation of satellite observations towards better Numerical Weather Prediction performance and climate applications.

Areas of expertise

  • Space-borne infrared and microwave remote sensing
  • Data assimilation

Publications by Fabien Carminati

Current activities

Fabien’s work focuses on the use of data from microwave and infrared satellite sounders and imagers and involves data quality assessment of new instruments, assimilation experiments, development and maintenance of the processing code for operational assimilation, monitoring, and Research & Development. Through his involvement in the Climate Science for Service Partnership (CSSP) China programme, a special emphasis is given to the Chinese instruments of the FY-3 and FY-4 missions.

Career background

Fabien received an engineering degree in 2010 from the Ecole Supérieur des Sciences et Technologies de l’Ingénieur de Nancy (ESSTIN) and Université de Lorraine, with a specialization in fluid mechanics and energetics. Shortly afterwards, he joined the Laboratoire d’Aérologie, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), to work on microwave radiometry for the study of atmospheric water vapour and temperature variability in Antarctica. He completed his PhD in 2014 at the Université de Toulouse and Météo-France, in collaboration with the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science (AOSC), University of Maryland, on the impact of overshooting convection on the water vapour variability in the tropical tropopause layer. Since 2015, Fabien has been working in the Satellite Radiance Assimilation Group at the Met Office.

External recognition

Topic Editor for MDPI Atmosphere.