An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Graeme Kelly

Areas of expertise

  • Use of satellite data in NWP
  • Use of cloudy radiances
  • Data assimilation

Current activities

  • Improving the use of SEVIRI clear radiances in the Met Office Met Office Numerical Weather Prediction models.
  • Improving the use of IASI clear radiances in the Met Office UKVD and UK4 systems.
  • Develop the infrastructure to pre-process and assimilate cloudy SEVIRI radiances in all the Met Office data assimilation systems.
  • Providing advice and help test the new observation data base (ODB).
  • Providing advice on both the Regional Re-analysis project and satellite Variational Satellite Bias correction project.

Career background

At ECMWF (1983–2007)

  • Assumed responsibility and provided support for the use of satellite radiances in the ECMWF operational system and the reanalysis and the development of AMV processing in the ECMWF data assimilation system. These activities also involved working closely with the relevant space agencies.
  • Responsible for the RTTOV project which involved the EUMETSAT NWP SAF.
  • Responsible for the EUCOS/EUMETSAT OSE's experiment, involving five meteorological organisations and ECMWF.
  • Responsibility for the development and conducted observation targeting experiments.

At Met Office (2007–current)

Improve the use of satellite data in data assimilation and model diagnostics. The implementation of the first stage of SEVIRI clear radiance processing in NAE, UK4 and UKVD was done in 2008/9. I am currently testing the next stage using more clear SEVIRI radiances in the UK4/UKVD, and also the inclusion of IASI radiances.