Dr Hannah Susorney

Areas of expertise

  • Surface transport forecasting
  • Spacecraft observations


Publications by Hannah Susorney

Current activities

Hannah, a member of the Post-Processing Applications group, works on surface transportation and energy. She is currently working on developing a new surface transport model for roads, railways, and runways and on moving from deterministic to probabilistic forecasts for our customers.

Career background

Hannah earned a Ph.D. in Earth and Planetary Science from Johns Hopkins University in 2017. Afterwards, she went to the University of British Columbia working with NASA and the Canadian Space Agency on the OSIRIS-Rex mission to the asteroid Bennu. She moved to the UK with an EU Marie Sklowdoska-Curie Fellowship hosted by the University of Bristol where she investigated the interior structure of asteroids. Asteroid 31399 Susorney is named after Hannah for her work on asteroid science. 

Hannah’s peer-reviewed publication record includes work on planetary science, spacecraft imaging, laser altimetry, and data filtering. 

Hannah joined the Met Office in 2022 in the Post-Processing Application Team.