Dr Ian Culverwell

Areas of expertise

  • Mathematical methods and modelling
  • Data visualisation and analysis
  • Software management

Publications by Dr Ian Culverwell

Current activities

Ian is the development manager of the Radio Occultation Processing Package, ROPP, which is a software suite operated by the ROM SAF on behalf of EUMETSAT.  ROPP is a set of programs designed to help people to process Radio Occultation (RO) data - that is to say, the measurement of the bending, by the Earth's atmosphere, of radio waves transmitted between two satellites as their direct line-of-sight sinks below, or rises above, the surface of the Earth.  Such measurements allow us to draw useful inferences about the state of the atmosphere that causes the bending.

Ian's work involves research into new ways of exploiting RO data, as well as the incorporation of independent developments into ROPP.  His current areas of research include:

  • The development of new methods of carrying out the 'ionospheric correction' that must be applied before RO data can be used in NWP models;
  • The reduction of the 'ionospheric residual' that can limit the utility of RO data as a climate temperature record; and
  • The potential diagnosis of the height of the atmospheric boundary layer using RO data.

Ian is involved in the International Radio Occultation Working Group (IROWG) and EUMETSAT's RO Scientific Advisory Group.

Career background

Ian joined the Met Office in 1995, after gaining a BSc in Physics and a PhD in Plasma Physics from Imperial College, London, and a Master's degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University.  At the Met Office he was involved in the development of regional and global Numerical Weather Prediction models and the construction of new coupled atmosphere/ocean/sea-ice climate models before starting his current job in 2010.