An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Dr Jennie Waters

Current activities

Jennie is working on the development, operational implementation and assessment of data assimilation schemes in the National Centre for Ocean Forecasting ocean models.

Jennie is involved with replacing the current optimal interpolation method in Ocean models at the Met Office ocean model with the variational NEMOVAR data assimilation scheme. The current focus of Jennie's work is single observation data assimilation experiments, these can be used to analyse and verify the performance of the data assimilation scheme.

She is also working on a project to implement new model error covariances in the data assimilation scheme which better represent both the mesoscale and synoptic scale components.

Career background

Jennie joined the ocean data assimilation team at the Met Office in January 2010. She graduated with a Mathematics degree from the University of Sheffield and is currently completing a case PhD at the same University. Jennie's case partner is the Met Office and her PhD focuses on data assimilation into ocean wave models. The project includes the assimilation of HF radar wave measurements and a study of coastal data assimilation.