An external view of the Met Office building at night.

João Teixeira

Areas of expertise

  • Atmospheric modelling
  • Boundary layer meteorology
  • Climate modelling
  • Aerosol-Cloud Interactions

Current activities

João contributes to facilitate effective collaboration aimed at developing the Unified Model with scientists from operational centres and universities around the world. Active collaborations include scientists in the UK, Australia, India, Korea, New Zealand and South Africa. He is responsible for supporting research and development activities through day-to-day technical support and managing the provision of climate model configurations. By maintaining the Collaboration Wiki he facilitates communication amongst Unified Model users. João participates in research projects and is also responsible for extending the training support for the Unified Model users. In addition, João is responsible for coordinating user workshops, receiving as well as training visiting scientists.

Career background

João joined the Met Office in May 2015. Previously he was at Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal) as a PhD student on "Aerosol Interaction with the Atmosphere for Southern Europe".

He has completed an MSc Degree in Meteorology and Oceanography in 2012 at the Physics department of the Universidade de Aveiro, with a thesis on "WRF Sensitivity to Lower Boundary and Urban Canopy Parameterizations".

Since then he has worked in several research projects, namely, the DYNOZONE from February 2013 to March 2014, CLIPE from April 2014 to January 2015. Moreover, he also participated substantially in the CLICURB project during the past year, contributing to regional climate downscaling simulations and several other research activities.