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Dr José Rodríguez

José works on understanding and reducing systematic errors in coupled climate models, in particular the representation of the global hydrological cycle.

Areas of expertise:

  • Global hydrological cycle.

  • Large-scale atmospheric freshwater transports.

  • Climate model evaluation.

Current activities

José is a scientist working in the Global coupled modelling team. His work involves understanding key processes that affect the global hydrological cycle, with the aim of improving its representation in climate models. He is also interested in the large-scale effects of water in the different components of the climate system. For instance, the way atmospheric freshwater transports influence the global ocean circulation.   
José collaborates with the NERC RAPID-WATCH programme, working on the development of a traceable hierarchy of models that would allow estimation of the risk of a rapid change in the ocean thermohaline circulation. José is also involved in the development of Met Office climate prediction model: HadGEM3 family, assessing conservation properties of the model.

Career background

José joined the Met Office Hadley Centre in 2001. Before joining the Met Office, he worked as a lecturer at the School of Physics, Universidad de Costa Rica. Prior to that, José completed a PhD in theoretical physics at the University of Texas at Austin.

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