An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Dr Kalli Furtado

Areas of expertise

  • Cloud microphysics

  • High resolution modelling

Current activities

Kalli works in the cloud scale modelling group that is part of Atmospheric Processes and Parametrizations. The cloud scale modelling group focuses on process studies of cloud microphysics. This work is used to improve the physical representation of cloud microphysical parametrizations.

Currently, Kalli is working on the parametrization of ice and mixed-phase (liquid, ice, vapour) clouds, the evaluation of models against satellite and aircraft observations and the role of cloud-microphysics in high-resolution (convection-permitting) simulations of the East Asian Monsoon. Much of this research is motivated by understanding and reducing model biases.  Kalli is working on the role of high clouds in tropical tropopause temperature biases and investigating approaches to mixed-phase microphysics that reduce Southern Ocean cloud and radiation biases.

Kalli works on convective-scale simulations of monsoon systems as part of Climate Science to Service Partnership (CSSP) China and SINGV.

Career Background

Kalli joined the Met Office in 2010. Between 2008-2010 Kalli was a research scientist at the Institute for Energy Technology in Norway. In 2007 Kalli obtained a doctorate in Theoretical Physics from the Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics at the University of Oxford.